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Following a divorce and determination of child custody, the next issue that is usually discussed is child support. Child support can be a very sensitive issue for both parties. The custodial spouse is usually concerned about having enough money to provide for his or her children, while the non-custodial and support paying spouse is concerned that they will be required to pay too much and have difficulty meeting other financial obligations.

As a certified family law specialist, I can help you resolve child support issues with fewer headaches, stress and hassle than trying to handle them on your own. The guidelines that the State of California imposes on determining how much child support can be awarded are very specific, and the can be difficult to understand.

Factors that go into calculating child support include but are not limited to:

  • Both parents’ net monthly income
  • The non-custodial parent’s net monthly income
  • Financial obligations of both parents


I will walk you through the child support process step by step, so you can be aware of your legal rights and options from start to finish. When you need someone who can support you and your family through the challenges created by a separation or a divorce, you can count on me to answer your questions and let you know where you stand.

You don’t have to let child support issues cause a deep rift in your family, or make dealing with co-parenting your children with your ex-spouse unbearable. I can help you find solutions that will work for you and your loved ones, so you can move on from your separation or divorce and begin building a new life. Call me today for a consultation: (714) 740-2542

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Helped me through a difficult time and made my interactions with the legal system as pleasant as possible through my very tedious divorce...
Helped me through a difficult time and made my interactions with the legal system as pleasant as possible through my very tedious divorce...
My name is Cheryl Stack and I work for Chapman University in Orange, California. I have been employed with Chapman for twenty three years. Attorney Barbara McNamara was referred to me by the law offices of Aitkin, Aitkin and Cohn in September 2011. I was the victim of a harassment/stalking situation for over one year and was seeking legal assistance to get the female perpetrator to stop. At the time of my first meeting with Barbara, I had filed two police reports with the City of Orange Police department. I had also met with another attorney prior to meeting Barbara. After our first initial......
Barbara McNamara was recommended to me by a co-worker who had seen her in action while waiting for his case to be heard. My friend did not have representation at the time and was fine with that–until he saw Barbara. He said she was a TIGER in the courtroom! I took his advice and retained Barbara as my attorney. Barbara had her game face on when I met her and it was awesome! She had an intensity when listening to me talk, I knew she was totally engaged with what I had to say. Barbara laid it on the line and gave her candid opinion, which I appreciated and still appreciate. We.....
I would recommend Ms. McNamara because I believe she’s an attorney who is there for the child’s best interest. Plus, when it came to returning phone calls they were in 24 hours or less and great at replying to emails. Thank you for your help and patience throughout my trial. Thank you, Barbara! –A. Esparza
Ms. McNamara was incredibly helpful and professional in working on my case. I worked with another attorney on my case, however he did not perform as expected. I then hired Ms McNamara and she was courteous and forthright, and helped me in every aspect of my case. Ms. McNamara helped me through a difficult time and made my interactions with the legal system as pleasant as possible through my very tedious divorce. Ms. McNamara was prompt in returning phone calls and communicated with me through every step of the way. I highly recommend her services to all my family and.....
I would definitely recommend Barbara to anyone considering going through the divorce process. I’ve been more than pleased with Barbara’s organization and knowledge of family law. She was very professional, and yet approachable, easy to talk with, and sincere. As family law counsel, I found her tenacious and addressing all of my needs to settle my divorce in a timely and fair manner. My entire divorce went smoothly thanks to Atty. Barbara McNamara’s legal expertise, guidance and support. It was comforting to know someone who I could fully trust. I sincerely appreciate everything.....
My former wife and I received expert professional legal guidance and counseling throughout our divorce process. Ms. McNamara is very familiar with family law and knew the judges and judicial process very well, which made the entire process painless and efficient. –name confidential