Should you hire a BIG FIRM for your divorce?

Posted on : April 22, 2014

handshakeWhen you are shopping for a divorce attorney, you are on a mission to find the right attorney just for you. If you want to have a “BIG FIRM” represent you, you will likely be paying the “BIG FIRM” prices. Think about it. The “BIG FIRM” typically has 20-25 employees, and everyone but the file clerk needs to be accountable for billing hourly on the client cases. This means you are billed when the paralegal handles your case, you are billed when the associate reviews the paralegal’s work, and you are billed again for the attorney to review the work before going to court on your case.

I have had many cases where the “BIG FIRM” is my opposition, and for the same amount of work done on both sides, the other party literally paid over double what I have billed my client. It’s not that I want to be known as the “inexpensive lawyer” but I prefer to solve the problem at hand, not toss gasoline into the fire.

Because I am a solo practitioner, I wear all of the hats in the office. This allows me freedom and flexibility to work on your case my way. Your case is not dictated to me by the senior partner. When you call my office, if I am available, you get me, not the paralegal or the secretary. If I am on the phone, you will receive my voicemail. If I am in court, you will receive my voicemail. And, if I am out of the office, you will receive my voicemail. BUT, I promise my clients that I always call them back within a day, (usually within hours,) of their calls to me, and my clients are happy to get the answers they seek, from me directly.

So, to answer your question at the beginning, it all depends. Do you want 5-20 people handling your case, or would you rather have just one? It’s really up to you.

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