Where to Get Emotional Support After Your Divorce

Posted on : June 10, 2016
California Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce is emotionally challenging. Your entire life is changing, and you have to learn how to live as an independent person again. If you’ve been married for any significant length of time or you and your ex-spouse have children together, the post-divorce aftermath can be even more overwhelming. Finding support for yourself during and after the divorce is critical, and here’s where you can find it.

From Divorce Groups in Your Area

Often, groups of people who are involved in divorce or have recently gotten out of a divorce will meet together a few times a month to talk about how they’re coping. Hearing about what people who are in a similar situation are going through can be very emotionally healing and can help you bond with others after a split. Check with local churches or search online for a list of divorce support groups that may be meeting near you.

From Friends & Family Who Are Supportive of the Divorce

Friends and family members who are open minded and who are willing to listen to you can be invaluable after your divorce. But be sure that they are supportive of the separation. Don’t involve mutual friends of you and your ex-spouse (nothing is more uncomfortable than having to choose sides). You may also want to avoid divorce talk and instead, just have good, old-fashioned companionship — doing things that you love to do to get your mind off the divorce proceedings and life after divorce.

From Your Divorce Attorney

Your divorce lawyer is an excellent source of information on how to get emotional support after your divorce. Your divorce lawyer is 100% on your side and can provide you with a wealth of resources. Your attorney may already know of divorce support groups in the area, or may have the names of some great counselors who you can see while you’re going through such a difficult time. Don’t be afraid to let your divorce lawyer know if you’re struggling emotionally and ask where you can get support.


Remember, there’s nothing wrong with needing support during and after a divorce. Dissolving a marriage is hard and it’s a big change. It can seem impossible to cope. At the Law Office of Barbara E. McNamara, we’re here to help. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and how we may be of assistance to you during your divorce. Call now at (714) 740-2542.

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